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A Dozen Perfect Brownies

It has been crazy at home. Crazy! 

First, my husband fell sick, got better, then I came down with a light fever & cold and so my dearest decided to fall sick again as well. Just to steal my thunder. He does it every time!

According to him, sharing is caring. 

Um, no thanks hubs, just take care of me when I’m not feeling well. No need to join me.

Especially considering what big B-A-B-I-E-S men turn into when they are the tiniest bit under the weather. Am I right, or am I right?

Crispy tops, chewy centres are what make the perfect brownies in my book! So much better than box mix brownies! #homemadebrownies #oldfashionedbrownies #crispytopsandchewycenters #easybrownies #darkchocolate #fromscratch #browniesfromscratch #browniesrecipe #chewybrownies #besthomemadebrownies #bestbrownies #simplebrownies #browniesundaes #_littlemiracles_ #foodphotography #milk&brownies #linkinbio #walnutbrownies #brownieswithwalnuts

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Chocolate Truffle Torte

It’s past one am.

My mind is official a puddle of mush from the incredibly long day and lack of sleep the night before. Also, I’ve got a ton of sugar in my system.

It was mom’s birthday today yesterday and we pretty much celebrated with coffee and cake throughout the day! I’m just about riding out the sugar rush and will probably end up snoozing over the keyboard, so it’s gonna be short & sweet tonight.

Just like this recipe.

Chocolate Truffle Torte- dense and moist- exactly like biting into a rich truffle. The thick ganache spread over is creamy and decadent and the sprinkling of sea salt flakes just has your taste buds somersaulting all over the place! #bakefromscratch #fromscratch #homemade #trufflecake #chocolatetorte #easyrecipe #valentinesday #valentines #chocolatetorterecipe #chocolatetortecake #chocolatetortewithganache #chocolateganache #ganache #seasaltflakes #bittersweetchocolatetorte

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Chocolate Mousse with a Cherry Compote & Hazelnut Crumb

If you chose a fancy-shmancy dessert for Valentine’s on my Instagram polls a couple weeks back, then this dessert is for you!

Silky Chocolate Mousse stuffed with a tart Cherry Compote with a Hazelnut Crumb base and finished with a Milk Chocolate Mirror Glaze. #chocolate #chocolatemousse #chocolatemousserecipe #chocolatemoussecake #chocolatemoussedessert#chocolatemoussedome #domedessertrecipe #hazelnut #hazelnutcrumb #mirrorglaze #chocolateglaze #chocolatemirrorglaze #cherry #cherrycompote #valentinesdesserts #valentinesdessert

I am not going to say it’s the easiest thing to whip up because that would be misleading. What I will say is, that it is simple.

Time-consuming and patience-testing, but straightforward and simple.

For something so beautiful, a little elbow grease is definitely needed.

But the effort will be so worth the decadent dessert that you will serve to your loved one.

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Mom’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

It has been one crazy week!

All started with me catching a throat infection, which obviously then turned into a fever. As soon as I started getting better, our grandma got sick and my recovery went down the drain as I was so worried about her!

Like I said, crazy.

I am finally getting more than three hours of sleep a night after three days and I am sleeping like the dead.

Moist, nutty caramelized notes of brown sugar pair with crunchy walnuts in this classic carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting that is light and creamy- and the perfect amount! No leftover frosting!
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Homemade Flour Tortillas

Happy Tuesday, friends!

The chilly days are numbered and the sun makes a daily appearance instead of playing peek-a-boo and as the first month of the year comes to a close- already!- I can’t help wondering how quickly this year will also race on by. No longer do 24 hours in a day seem to be nearly enough. I have yet to pick up my child psychology course which I left behind a year back and haven’t glanced at since.

I cannot, however, say that this first month was unsuccessful in keeping with my goals. Let’s hope from today onwards I can cram more into a day.

Which would mean a little less time in the kitchen- especially when putting together dinners. That’s when this Homemade Flour Tortillas recipe comes to the rescue.

I have tried out a myriad of tortilla recipes before refining and settling on this one. It’s full proof.

Tortillas that come together under 5 minutes are give you fresh, soft homemade tortillas for all your wrap needs!

It’s perfect for making wraps and quesadillas.

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Lemon Cupcakes with White Chocolate & Lemon Buttercream

I love lemon.

Lemon Bars, lemon tarts & lemon chiffon cake to name a few.

These lemon cupcakes, like I’ve mentioned before for the Lemon Cupcakes with Lavender Buttercream, are like little cakes of sunshine.

Light, citrus cupcakes with a tender crumb pair wonderfully with the creamy white chocolate buttercream for a refreshing dessert.  #lemon #lemoncupcakes #whitechocolate #whitechocolatebuttercream #buttercream #frosting #winniethepooh #bakinggoals #baking #easyrecipes #kidsparty #dessert #partydesserts

However, this dessert was more inspired by my love of a bear.

Yes, a bear.

More specifically, an adorable yellow bear who lives in Hundred Acre Wood.

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Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad

I stuck to my healthy eating resolution pretty consistently last year and not only as a goal to meet. I’ve managed to incorporate more healthy food and eating habits into my daily routine.

A fair bit of salad gets consumed at home and although I’ve played around with flavors to an extent, I want to really dive into the salad game this year. Hopefully, that means more salad recipes scattered among the pastas and desserts.

Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad has got roasted walnuts that add a delicious crunch, cherries that  lend their tartness and crumbled feta that's the perfect salty finish. 

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