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Lemon Cupcakes with White Chocolate & Lemon Buttercream

I love lemon.

Lemon Bars, lemon tarts & lemon chiffon cake to name a few.

These lemon cupcakes, like I’ve mentioned before for the Lemon Cupcakes with Lavender Buttercream, are like little cakes of sunshine.

Light, citrus cupcakes with a tender crumb pair wonderfully with the creamy white chocolate buttercream for a refreshing dessert.  #lemon #lemoncupcakes #whitechocolate #whitechocolatebuttercream #buttercream #frosting #winniethepooh #bakinggoals #baking #easyrecipes #kidsparty #dessert #partydesserts

However, this dessert was more inspired by my love of a bear.

Yes, a bear.

More specifically, an adorable yellow bear who lives in Hundred Acre Wood.

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Incredibly Moist Black Forest Cupcakes

Hey guys! How’s it going? Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Easter has very special memories for me. While I was growing up in Canada, whenever my mom came to pick us kids up from school, she’d have one of those yellow bags of Cadbury Easter Egg chocolates for us to share on our walk home. I’m always reminded of that this time of the year.


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