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Super Easy Strawberry Oat Bars

Hey guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend!

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. The weather has cooled down (I talk about the weather a lot, don’t I? Maybe it’s got to do with my name..), it’s the season of joy and love and magic and best of all, strawberry season in India!

And have I got a treat for you – this Strawberry Oat Bars recipe is delicious!

These Strawberry Oat Bars are absolutely delicious and totally worth the 10 minutes of effort you need to put in mixing everything together and popping into the oven. It's breakfast. It's dessert. A snack perfect for when you get the munchies. Made with pantry staples, you need these Strawberry Oat Bars today! #strawberryoatbars #strawberryrecipe #strawberryrecipes #strawberryoatbars #strawberryoatsrecipes #healthyoarbars #healthysnacks #oatrecipes #oatsrecipes #_littlemiracles_ #fromscratch #homemade #easystrawberryoatbars #easyrecipe

It’s pure bad luck that my schedule tends to be crazy these last few months and I always miss the opportunity to try the many strawberry recipes I save throughout the year. I can never keep track of when strawberries will pop up in stores in India, it’s actually pretty erratic. That, or I still have a bit to learn about things around here. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to figure out the workings of this country! Continue reading “Super Easy Strawberry Oat Bars”