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Easy Quinoa Salad with a Lemon Thyme Dressing

A Quinoa Salad. That’s what we’re starting off Break Week with!

Now, this in no way means that I’m going all freakishly healthy on you. Promise.

We’re just getting the healthiest recipe up and out the door so you and I can spend the rest of the week with semi-healthy food.

I mean, a lot of us are spending at the least 11 hours (19 hours at the most in many countries) of the day refraining from food & water, we need at least a little healthy thrown in with yummy.

This Easy Quinoa Salad is super simple. Cooked quinoa and vegetables of your choice are tossed together with a beautiful, light Lemon Thyme dressing that just ties it all together. #glutenfree #iftaarrecipes #ramadanrecipes #_littlemiracles_ #glutenfreerecipe #easyrecipe #easyquinoasalad #lemonthymedressing #glutenfreesalad #veggies #vegetables #quinoasaladrecipes #quinoarecipeshealthy #bestquinoasalad #lunchtime #lunchsalad #dressing #zucchini #sundriedtomatoes #broccoli #springsalad

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Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad

I stuck to my healthy eating resolution pretty consistently last year and not only as a goal to meet. I’ve managed to incorporate more healthy food and eating habits into my daily routine.

A fair bit of salad gets consumed at home and although I’ve played around with flavors to an extent, I want to really dive into the salad game this year. Hopefully, that means more salad recipes scattered among the pastas and desserts.

Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad has got roasted walnuts that add a delicious crunch, cherries that  lend their tartness and crumbled feta that's the perfect salty finish. 

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