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Chili Mushroom & Chicken Lemon Quinoa

I was just playing around with one of the older recipes on my blog seeing how to improve it when I was struck with an idea. Once a week, my husband and I have got to have one of our favorite dishes for lunch- lemon rice with chicken.

It’s something we absolutely must have and deriving the flavors from it, I give you Chili Mushroom & Chicken Lemon Quinoa.

The chicken is reminiscent of barbecues and the lemon of sunny summer mornings. Chili Mushroom & Chicken Lemon Quinoa is a quick, delicious gluten free recipe that's just perfect. #easyrecipes #lunch #dinner #glutenfree #quinoarecipes #lemonquinoa #mushroomquinoa #chickenquinoa #lemonchicken #easydinners #easylunches #homemade #fromscratch #summermeals #summerlunch #summerflavors #grilledchicken #chillimushrooms #lemonrecipes

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Easy Quinoa Salad with a Lemon Thyme Dressing

A Quinoa Salad. That’s what we’re starting off Break Week with!

Now, this in no way means that I’m going all freakishly healthy on you. Promise.

We’re just getting the healthiest recipe up and out the door so you and I can spend the rest of the week with semi-healthy food.

I mean, a lot of us are spending at the least 11 hours (19 hours at the most in many countries) of the day refraining from food & water, we need at least a little healthy thrown in with yummy.

This Easy Quinoa Salad is super simple. Cooked quinoa and vegetables of your choice are tossed together with a beautiful, light Lemon Thyme dressing that just ties it all together. #glutenfree #iftaarrecipes #ramadanrecipes #_littlemiracles_ #glutenfreerecipe #easyrecipe #easyquinoasalad #lemonthymedressing #glutenfreesalad #veggies #vegetables #quinoasaladrecipes #quinoarecipeshealthy #bestquinoasalad #lunchtime #lunchsalad #dressing #zucchini #sundriedtomatoes #broccoli #springsalad

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Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad

I stuck to my healthy eating resolution pretty consistently last year and not only as a goal to meet. I’ve managed to incorporate more healthy food and eating habits into my daily routine.

A fair bit of salad gets consumed at home and although I’ve played around with flavors to an extent, I want to really dive into the salad game this year. Hopefully, that means more salad recipes scattered among the pastas and desserts.

Baby Spinach & Cherry Salad has got roasted walnuts that add a delicious crunch, cherries that  lend their tartness and crumbled feta that's the perfect salty finish. 

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Honey Coconut Granola with Sliced Almonds

Hey, all!

This is Little Miracles’ 50th post! And in keeping with this year’s healthy resolution, this granola is perfectly apt to celebrate!

How was your weekend?

It barely felt like a weekend for me. It’s hard to relax when you’ve pushed yourself to an edge back to back through a busy week. I pretty much crashed every night to wake up exhausted the next morning. Finally got me some good sleep last night!

My week was long, exhausting and at the same time extremely short. Contradicting, I know, but it was the second wedding of the month and it was huge. About 8 events over the span of 5 days and since hubby and I were representing both the bride (my cousin) and groom’s (best friend’s brother) side, we were absolutely and thoroughly exhausted yesterday when it all came to an end!

I’d love nothing more then to spend a couple days by the beach, with very little phone service and the least amount of people required to detox. As much fun as weddings are, made even better with seeing friends everyday, you really need to get away and detox sometimes. Just so you can hear yourself think.
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