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Mint & Lemon Mocktail

In the midst of this awful heat, we really need a few refreshing and thirst quenching recipes in our back pocket when water just doesn’t do the trick.

A Mint & Lemon Mocktail fits the bill with both mint and lemon as its two main ingredients. Imagine a tall glass of this cold drink on a hot, humid day. The fizzy bubbles are fun, the lemon flavor sings in the background while the mint awakens your system with its sweetness and cools it down. It’s the king of drinks!

Just 3 ingredients make up this cool, refreshing Mint & Lemon Mocktail that's perfect for beating the heat! #mocktails #Mocktail #mintsoda #lemonandmintsoda #lemon #lemonandmint #virginmojito #mojito #summerdrinks #easyrecipe #colddrinks #beattheheat #_littlemiracles_ #7upmint #coldrink

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Spiced Chocolate Milkshake

It’s hot and the air is heavy with rain that won’t fall. When I pulled back the curtains a couple mornings ago, I was super excited as the sky was gloomy and it looked just about ready to pour. We all anticipated it, but it didn’t rain that day. It was just hot and heavy and my long list of blog prep just flew outta my head and I was not able to grasp a single thing that day and wasted it away flipping through recipes and saying, ‘Oh, I could make this, or this, or this!’

Suffice to say I didn’t make either this, this or this and instead settled on accepting the fact that the day was lost. There’s nothing I hate more then a day wasted. Seriously. Whether I’m the one who’s lost track of time or someone has messed up already set plans, a wasted day just rubs me the wrong way. (That kinda rhymes doesn’t it?) Continue reading “Spiced Chocolate Milkshake”

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Minty Strawberry Lemonade

June is nearly over, you guys. June.

I mean, how? and Where? and, and just how are the days flying by?

Last I checked, it was the beginning of May and now we’re almost halfway into summer and wedding season in India is upon us and oh my God- halfway through summer means half the year is over.

I literally just realised this.

Which is a bummer ’cause the next question that just flitted through my mind is, what exactly have I done with the first half of 2018?

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