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Strawberry Greek Yoghurt Parfait with Homemade Granola

Hey, all my food lovers!

I’m baack and well, frankly quite exhausted!

Malaysia was fantastic, got a lot of sightseeing done and even got to see something that wasn’t on our itinerary!

Any Designated Survivor fans here?

A quick, healthy, cooling yogurt parfait perfect for breakfast or as a pre/post workout snack! Top with your favorite berries and my homemade granola for a filling treat! #_littlemiracles_ #yogurtparfait #homemade #homemadegranola #granola #strawberryparfait #strawberryparfaitday #ramadanrecipes #ramadanfood #iftaar #iftar #workoutsnack #postworkoutsnack #healthysnack #healthybreakfast

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Lazy Mini Cheeseburger Muffins

Hello everyone!

Welcome to (drumroll please) Little Miracles’ first ever Break Time!

What exactly is Break Time, you ask?

For the next ten days, the recipe of the day that goes up is going to be one that you can throw together when a craving suddenly hits or is perfect for planning light meals throughout the day.

I’ve got some delicious recipes in store just waiting to be made by you!

Beginning with these Lazy Mini Cheeseburger Muffins.

Don’t they look delish?

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Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes


I know I’m a couple days late for the Mother’s Day post, but if you continue reading down below (below the fold for us journalists!), you will see I had it all typed out and just got to editing my photos a little late. I was travelling Sunday, which happened to be International Hummus Day, aka one of my top favorite days/dishes ever, and wasn’t able to post that either. Which is hilarious in a I-can’t-believe-this-but-so-expected-it way, as I have had the recipe and photos ready for a couple days. I mean I am so completely OCD about every little detail especially when it comes to cooking/baking and writing  that I don’t understand how I drop the ball some days. My tune this week is all about being laaa-aate. Thank God I’ve got travel to blame and not laziness!


These pancakes?


Not just for Mother’s Day, but everyday! It is perfect for I-Love-You Saturdays and Just-Because Sundays. It’s a super indulgent breakfast that’s great for any celebrations because the flavour is so widely loved. So fun to even prepare the batter with kids on a weekend morning.


I spent the last couple weeks at my parents but as my luck would have it, flew out today on Mother’s Day! Since every day should be a cause of celebration of the incredible woman who brought us into this world, raised and guided us, wiped away our tears and has the strongest shoulders to lean on, I made my momma these delicious pancakes a day before!

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Moist Sugar Free Banana Bread

At the start of the year, the time when many a resolution is made, I promised more healthy recipes making an appearance on the blog. Not only to make it easier for myself to stick to my resolution and maintain a healthier lifestyle, but to make delicious, healthy recipes that are as sinful as their unhealthy counterparts.

When you switch to a healthier way of eating, it doesn’t just have to be days on end of salads and soups and depriving yourself of all your favorite desserts. This Banana Bread is absolutely delicious and sugar free and proof that you can be healthy and eat desserts without much guilt!


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Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been AWOL for the past two weeks and I am so sorry! But I’ve been busy trying and piling up recipes to share with you all. Lots of healthy, delicious dishes and sweet, indulgent treats just waiting to be made by you!

The weather has warmed up here in India- drastically. I’m not kidding! India does not do things by halves- one day it’s still pleasant enough for a cool breeze and the next it’s so incredibly hot, it’s like the walls are closing in.

This year, first time since I moved to India, I was home during peak strawberry season and let me tell you- I went crazy. My freezer is just bursting with bags of frozen strawberries and bottles of homemade strawberry jam.  Continue reading “Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam”

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Super Easy Strawberry Oat Bars

Hey guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend!

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. The weather has cooled down (I talk about the weather a lot, don’t I? Maybe it’s got to do with my name..), it’s the season of joy and love and magic and best of all, strawberry season in India!

And have I got a treat for you – this Strawberry Oat Bars recipe is delicious!

These Strawberry Oat Bars are absolutely delicious and totally worth the 10 minutes of effort you need to put in mixing everything together and popping into the oven. It's breakfast. It's dessert. A snack perfect for when you get the munchies. Made with pantry staples, you need these Strawberry Oat Bars today! #strawberryoatbars #strawberryrecipe #strawberryrecipes #strawberryoatbars #strawberryoatsrecipes #healthyoarbars #healthysnacks #oatrecipes #oatsrecipes #_littlemiracles_ #fromscratch #homemade #easystrawberryoatbars #easyrecipe

It’s pure bad luck that my schedule tends to be crazy these last few months and I always miss the opportunity to try the many strawberry recipes I save throughout the year. I can never keep track of when strawberries will pop up in stores in India, it’s actually pretty erratic. That, or I still have a bit to learn about things around here. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to figure out the workings of this country! Continue reading “Super Easy Strawberry Oat Bars”

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Mocha French Toast

There is only one thing I love more than pasta. Well, two if you take into account coffee. But since we’re not talking about beverages here, let’s just stick with the one.


Put together with just pantry staples, this Mocha French Toast is the best breakfast to indulge in on weekends and for Valentines, Mother's/ Father's Day & International Coffee Day! Stuffed with strawberries and a sprinkling of icing sugar, it's a breakfast fit for a king/queen! #valentinesday #mothersday #fathersday #internationalcoffeeday #coffeeday #mochafrenchtoast #frenchtoast #strawberries #breakfastinbed #briochebread #frenchtoastrecipe #easyfrenchtoast #frenchtoastfortwo #fortwo #forone #howtomakefrenchtoast #coffee #chocolate #strawberries&chocolate #perfectfrenchtoast #homemade #fromscratch

I mean, what is there not to love about this beautiful, delicious meal where you have a vast choice between savory and sweet dishes? You can be completely healthy and have yummy food at the same time or indulge yourself with that stack of pancakes or waffles complete with a tiny slab of butter sitting regally on top, slowly melting as you drizzle on fresh maple syrup, then top with berries and whipped cream?

I think I just caught a whiff of heaven. 

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